Destination Romance: Romantic, Suspense Adventures; Contemporary Romance; Historic Fiction; a travel writer of exotic locations around the world; and a NYS local historian.

Life around the Henry Household is never dull. With my family living close by, you never know who’s going to drop by, call, or have an emergency my husband and I need to deal with.  Being flexible, ready at a moment’s notice, and working around our various activities, it’s a blessing to be able to count on each other. We truly work as a team.

Weekends (during the summer) are most often spent in the backyard with friends and family. Picnics are a given, whether it’s relaxing on the deck, kicking back in the gazebo, or running for shelter from the rain and sittling inside, we love the company. Thankfully, I love to cook and entertain, and my husband loves to grill.  If you’re in the neighborhood, give a call. I’ll make sure the iced tea will be ready. Or coffee if you wish. 

As Historian for the Town and Village of Candor, I've written several history books on Candor: Town of Candor – Yesterday and Today--a Bicentennial Celebration Edition, and a limited edition of the Bicentennial Calendar, which came out in February 2011 to help celebrate the town bicentennial. In 2000, the Village of Candor -- Yesterday and Today; A Centennial Celebration Edition was released in 2000 for the Village's centennial celebration. They are  available at the Candor Town Hall, Candor Free Library, Candor Market, or by contacting me directly--see information on left under History Books). I will be signing books throughout the year at the Candor Historical Society monthly events, which you will find listed on my Historian Page.

Aaahhh, Romance... who doesn’t like a little bit of romance in their lives?  My romantic suspense 'Connection' novels come with a bit of adventure in exotic, romantic locations--Amazon ConnectionShanghai Connection, and Rio Connection. Cairo Connection is in the works!  My 'Connection' series is available straight from the publisher (The Wild Rose Press) as a digital or Book in Print, from,  Barnes & Noble Booksellers, as well as  other e-reader stores. Take your pick, but don’t miss the adventures.

Want Contemporary Romance? Check out Juelle's Legacy--part of the Lobster Cove Series, and my new sequel to Juelle's Legacy--Breakfast with Santa; or Nothing Short of a Miracle--a Christmas Romance re-released in 2015 by Amazon Encore--sold exclusively through Amazon. Want a bit of history in your novels? You'll find Ribbons of Steel, a local family saga set in 1877, with a touch of romance has something for everyone.

Check out my Romance Page for more information on all my novels.
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