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Writing habits are subjective.  Me?  I like to get that cup of coffee in the morning and head to my office and start writing while my mind is fresh and the phone doesn't ring.

That is unless I've been up half the night spending time in my office writing because I can't sleep.  Then, the morning ritual changes.

Living around the New York State Finger Lakes Region has its ups and downs.  In the winter months I'm in the house (mostly my office) in front of my computer and my window that looks out on my huge rhododendron bush with the mostly vivid blue sky for a backdrop.  Or, yes, the snowflakes that occasionally fall.  But the spring, summer, and fall is great. Then, I get to go out on either my back deck or the gazebo and take my laptop with me and enjoy life.

Living in the country is also a plus.  Sometimes I feel like Snow White and Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty -- all those little critters are either hopping, munching, flying, or slinking around my house -- deer, rabbits, birds, racoons, opossums, woodchucks, and even an occasional bear! Oh! My!  Like all the kids and grandkids, I never know who or what is going to show up in my neck of the woods.

But the countryside is rather peaceful and allows me the quiet quality time to write. Or work in my flower beds that surround the house. Or take a walk up the back road.

Don't get me wrong, I might live in the country, but I live close to relatives and our back country road is a busy one, as is our driveway.

But writing does get done. In fact, as a member of the local RWA® Chapter Southern Tier Authors of Romance (STAR-NY). I am the Past President of the chapter, and I am president of the Write Now Writer's Group. I frequently give talks and workshops to other writer's groups and various book clubs and organization.

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