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As a local historian, my writings include non-fiction history books
 on Candor, New York, which are listed below.  Although they are currently available at the Candor Town Hall, you may also purchase them directly from me--you can order them, then pay via PayPal. To have books autographed and mailed to you, include an additional $5.00 to the price listed below, for postage and handling. If you are ordering multiple books, check with me first for total pricing before accessing PayPal.  In the meantime, check out my Announcement Page, and the Historian Page for locations where I will be signing books during the year.
Town of Candor -- Yesterday and Today; A Bicentennial Celebration Edition: Small merchants and industries crowded the dirt streets of the growing village and small communities in the Town of Candor.  From the early 1790s to 2010, Candor has seen many changes.  However, one thing has remained constant throughout Candor's history -- the resilience of the people.  Candor is all about the people.  Whether they come together for a school function, sports function, a church function, or one of the many fraternal or social clubs or organizational events, its all about people helping people, and people enjoying life.  What you will find within these pages is an overview of the people that have found their place in Candor, yesterday and today. With Candor being an agricultural, rural community, it is not surprising to find any number of farms and environmental businesses scattered about the hillsides or deep along the valleys.  Finding ones' farming roots in Candor can hold some surprising facts from the past.  Just who were those early settlers that owned farms that are now owned by people we know today?  Even more interesting is finding out what dairy farms have survived, versus those that have reverted to cattle, sheep, goats, horticulture, or even forestry.  Stroll down memory lane and find out about all the many one-room schoolhouses, the changes brought on by centralization, the many chruchs that have come and gone, and the fourteen that are still active! The diversity of the people in the community organizations is even more evident in the religious denominations that abound in Candor.  Enjoy the many photographs -- from 1889 to 2010 -- which the author has taken or complied to highlight the numerous entries from yesterday and today that tell the tale of the growth of Candor over a 200-year time span. Published by Carol A. Henry Ink; ISBN 978-0-615-45075-9. Available at the Candor Town Hall, and Candor Market/Main Street Spirits, River Row Book Store, Owego, or by contacting me. Price: $19.99 + Tax ($1.60) for NYS Residents.

All photographs/postcards used in this calendar have not been used in any of Carol's other publications.  Available at the Candor Town Hall, Candor Market/Main Street Spirits during regular hours, or by contacting me.  Price--while they last: $5.00.

Images_Book_Cover.jpgImages of America: Candor: Settlers made their way to Candor along an old Native American trail between the Susquehanna River in Owego and the mouth of Cayuga Lake in Ithaca in the early 1790s. Sawmills, gristmills, tanneries, farms, and small settlements soon sprang up.  In the 1830s the Ithaca and Owego Railroad, the second railroad chartered and one of the first to carry passengers in New York State, paved the way for progress in this rural community and allowed York Buckwheat Flour to be shipped throughout the state.  Wand's glove factory shipped gloves around the world, and Barager's horse blanket factory boomed.  The residents were industrious, religious, and valued a good education, building the many one--room schoolhouses that sprinkled the countryside.  Images of America: Candor explores the town's growth between the 19th century and the first half to the 20th century through unique photographs, providing a reminder of the people, places, businesses, and events that help define Candor todayArcadia Publishing, 2008. ISBN-13 978-0-7385-6309-1. $19.99.

Available at the Candor Town Hall (while supplies last), or directly through Barnes & Noble BooksellerAmazon.Com, and various other locations. 

Village of Candor -- Yesterday and Today: A Centennial Celebration Edition. July 2000.  The Village of Candor has always been a unique place in which to live.  From the early settlers right up until today's citizens, the community has always been industrious in its own way.  Travel through the village via pictures of the different business districts and discover the lineage of many of the shops along the way.  Separated into three different business sections -- Upper Dam Area Businesses, Center Candor Business Area, and the Lower Dam Area Businesses -- you'll meet a lot of changes and hear about a lot of enterprising people.  But there's more.  Churches, Candor High School, Ithaca - Owego Railroad, Fire Department, Candor Free Library, as well as street scenes, and a chapter on clubs, organizations, and activities. Published by Carol A. Henry Ink, ISBN: 0-615-11821-6. Available through Carol A. Henry Ink. $19.99 + Tax  ($1.60) for NYS Residents.

Available at the Candor Town Hall, Candor Market/Main Street Spirits, River Row Book Store, Owego or from Carol. 

I Remember When... A Glimpse of Candor's Good Old Days; Vol. 1. 2003.

From the early settlers right up until today's citizens, there have always been tales to tell about living in Candor. Get a glimpse of the way it used to be, along with a few 'tall tales,' and reminisce along with your friends and family about the 'good old days' in Candor.

Finally, learn the truth about the underground lake, or bottomless well, that was eventually checked out first-hand by a team of cohorts-in-crime. Through an obit you'll learn of one young man's travels and how he came to be part of a wagon train that was guided by Dan Carson, Kit Carson's brother!

Reminisce with the Candor Courier back in 1924 as they look back 50 years before to who ran what business in Candor, who owned 'the tea store,' and 'radio shop,'  'confectionary store,' and 'the Cozy Corner Restaurant.' Drift down the street to the 'Center' where you'll come to the neatly appointed grocery store and bakery owned by D.P. Jackson, check out the 'hardware store' and then check out J.H. Dimon's jewelry store.

Do you know what a 'tonsorial' parlor is? What about the game 'crokonole'? Did you know that Candor was also referred to as 'Saints Rest'?

Schools were everywhere back then.  With twenty-some rural schools scattered about, many tell of attending these one-room schoolhouses and the teachers who taught in them.

Do you remember pumping water from a hand-pump in order to have water for the day?  Have you ever walked through a fog-shrouded woodland and creek-bed during a storm? Remember the old swimming hole at the Lower Dam? Come enjoy the memories of others who were kind enough to share their fond memories of living in Candor.  Compiled and Published by Carol A. Henry Ink, for the Candor Historical Society. 2003. (All rights reserved).

Available at the Candor Town Hall, or through the Candor Historical Society. Price: $15.00  (includes Tax)

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