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Welcome to the Home Page of Carol Henry--come travel with Carol and Gary as they travel the globe and set off on one great adventure after another never knowing what wtheyll discover along the way.  Carol is the author of Destination Romance: Romantic, Suspense Adventures; Contemporary Romance; Historic Fiction; a travel writer of exotic locations around the world; and a NYS local historian. You'll find that Carol's inspiration for her writing comes in many forms.

As a romance writer she love to share her travel adventures, not only with you, the reader, but with the characters in her books as well.  The trouble they get into in these fast-paced novels with fascinating locations while they find themselves falling in love, will keep you turning the pages to find out how they get out of the 'fixes' they get into.

As a travel writer, Carol never go into a country with pre-conceived notions of what to expect, even though she reads up on the area long before she leaves home, and is therefore always pleasantly surprised at the fascinating world around her. She loves to share her experiences by writing travel features for various cruise lines' deluxe in-cabin books, and of course, her various romance novels.

As the historian for her hometown, Carol enjoys researching and especially writing about her findings.  Writing local history books isn't as easy as it seems, but it is just as rewarding as her other writing projects.  And, it crosses over into her novel writing as well. For example, Ribbons of Steel, a fictional historical family saga based on the great railroad strike of 1877,ws released in October, 2013, in digital and book in print.

Although traveling, writing, and researching keeps Carol busy, she tends to be an organized person and can work around almost anything that's thrown her way. Which allows her and her husband to enjoy their family, who just happens to live close by.  It also allows her to belong to several clubs and organizations in the community, and to meet and enjoy the company of friends and neighbors.

Please take a moment to wander around Carol's website to find out more about her travels, novels, and history books.

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