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The Elves are on the loose at the North Pole!
They're spreading the Christmas spirit with
recipes, crafts, notes and giveaways!
Join us in the fun!
December 5, 6, and 7.

Be sure to check out the entire blog below, enjoy Mrs. Claus' special cookie recipe below, find out how to win my latest novel Breakfast with Santa, and check out the other Elves blog sites for more fun and games.
Oh, yes, read below to find out who my secret Elf is and what her job is at the North Pole.

And feel free to check out my website while your at it.

Have fun!

HI, I’M ELF ANNIE, AND I’M MRS. CLAUS’ ASSISTANT in charge of baking cookies and making sure there is plenty of hot cocoa available 24/7. Of course my favorite music to listen to while I’m working is any Christmas Carol. And wouldn’t you know it, my favorite holiday snack and drink are cookies and hot cocoa.

Oh, shhhh…my Secret Santa is Lindy-Lou, who is in charge of putting names and tails on all those wonderful rocking horses the other elves are making in the workshop.  I have a special gift for Lindy-Lou, but it’s a secret, too—an autographed copy of one of my very own special Christmas Novels—her choice!

 And, oh my goodness, being Mrs. Claus’ Assistant in the kitchen is a lot of work, but the best job ever.  Baking various assortments of cookies fills my heart with such joy; I can’t decide which cookie recipe I love the best. They are all so delicious, and the various aromas coming from the ovens as they bake is almost intoxicating. I simply have to double or triple batch each one in order to keep Santa and all the Elves happy. After all, as Mrs. Claus says, they work hard throughout the entire year preparing for Christmas Eve.  And of course we have to make sure there is plenty of hot chocolate on hand when Santa takes off in his magical sleigh. We wouldn’t want him to catch a cold as he flies over those snow-covered homes.


 Fortunately, Mrs. Claus has given me special permission to share a cookie recipe with you. This one is quite unique.  It forms a Christmas tree when assembled. What you’ll need is 8 – 10 different size star cookie cutters (or buy a Cookie Tree Kit that has all the sizes you’ll need). Using your favorite roll out cookie recipe, or the one below, roll, cut out, bake, and cool the cookies. When cool, use your favorite icing recipe (with green food coloring, or the colors of your choice). Once all the cookies are covered, using the largest for the bottom, alternate the sizes, using a dab of frosting in the center to hold them together, and alternate the star points. Use the smallest star (decorated with yellow frosting) to stand upright on top of the tree.  There are various ways to decorate it—use your imagination, or simply leave it as is. It makes a charming centerpiece.


Preheat oven to 375°

In large bowl, using an electric mixer, cream:

1 ¼ cups butter
2 cups granulated sugar
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon almond extract

Sift dry ingredients below, and then gradually add to above mixture:

NOTE: When mixing the combined ingredients, be sure to alternate the dry ingredients with ½ cup milk

5 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt

NOTE: If the dough is too sticky, add a bit more flour.

Divide dough and roll out on lightly floured surface; cut bigger stars first and place on large ungreased cookie sheet.  Bake 8-10 minutes (larger pieces might take a couple minutes longer). Carefully remove the cookies onto a rack to cool before decorating.


As a treat for commenting on my Christmas Blog by clicking here  (you will be taken to my email) Mrs. Claus and I will add everyone’s name to a special Christmas list, and draw one name at the end of the Highway Café Christmas Blog Tour Wednesday night. The winner will receive a signed copy of Breakfast with Santa.


Award Winning Holiday Romance—
 Voted #6 Preditors & Editors Best 2015 Book/Ebook Holiday Romance
Sequel to Juelle’s Legacy—a sensual Holiday Lobster Cove Series book
by Carol Henry

Christmas is a time for keeping Secrets—
But will they lead to heartache or happiness when revealed?

 Six years ago Katelyn experienced heaven in Mark Logan’s arms. But when Mark joined the Special Forces, he left her with shattered dreams—and, unbeknownst to him, carrying his unborn baby. Now, he’s back in Lobster Cove, and she’s engaged to another man. But with her fiancé in Norway, Katelyn volunteers to play an elf at the annual Breakfast with Santa event.

 Mark Logan—aka Santa—can’t keep his eyes off Katelyn in her sexy elf outfit, which brings back feelings better left hidden. After all, he only returned to Lobster Cove to keep his two-year-old son safe from kidnappers, not to rekindle an old romance.

 Katelyn, conflicted between her renewed feelings for Mark and the secret she’s kept from him, flies to Norway to reaffirm her feelings for her fiancé. But when she arrives, she discovers a startling truth. Will unearthed secrets be the key to her happiness or heartache?


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Welcome to my Home Page.

Gary and I celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary December 2016. It's been a wild ride and we're still a team as we work together on all our many family and community projects.
So come join us as we travel the globe and set off on one great adventure after another.
Thanks to my travels, I am a travel writer of exotic locations for top cruise magazines and deluxe in-cabin books. I am an author of Destination Romance: Romantic, Suspense Adventures, but I also write Contemporary Romance and Historic U.S. Fiction. As a NYS local historian I've written several local history books, as well. Check out the list on the left to find out more about my books. 

As a romance writer I love to share my travel adventures, not only with you, the reader, but with my characters in my novels--the trouble they get into in these "fast-paced" novels with "fascinating locations" while they find themselves falling in love--think Indiana Jones meets Romancing the Stone!

As a travel writer, I never go into a country with preconceived notions of what to expect, even though I read up on the area long before we leave home. We are pleasantly surprised at the fascinating world around us.
This year we plan to go back to Germany, where our married life began all those years ago, stopping at all our old hangouts along the Rhine and Mosel Rivers, with a stop for the day at our 'old home town' Bitburg.
 What an opportunity.

As the historian for my hometown, l enjoy researching and especially writing about my findings.  Writing local history books isn't as easy as it seems, but it is just as rewarding as my other writing projects.  And, it crosses over into my novel writing as well. For example, Ribbons of Steel, a fictional historical family saga based on the great railroad strike of 1877, was released in October, 2013, in digital and book in print, and contains local history.

Although traveling, writing, and researching keeps me busy, I tend to be an organized person and can work around almost anything that's thrown my way. Which allows me to enjoy family, who just happens to live close by.  It also allows me to belong to several clubs and organizations in the community, and to meet and enjoy the company of friends and neighbors.

Please take a moment to wander around my website to find out more about my travels, novels, and history books.
And feel free to leave a comment.

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